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Design Your Life

Get clear on WHO you are, WHERE you want to go, & HOW you'll get there.  Find solutions to orient you towards your highest purpose.

Live with Purpose & Priority

Make each day a stepping stone to successfully build your life through purposeful goals and clear action steps.

Unleash Your Inner Power

Uncover your expansive power and infinite possibilities and learn to wholeheartedly create your world and your relationship to it.

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Transform your PERSONAL Life


Transform your PROFESSIONAL Life


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Holistic Approach


Maria is an exceptional coach. 

She has the unique ability to quickly connect, listen and pinpoint even the smallest themes. She pulls them out in a way that leads to inspiration for self-discovery and motivation to explore opportunities for change, growth and attaining new goals. Her approach is holistic and questions are thoughtful. During the period of time I worked with Maria, I felt supported, challenged, focused and productive.

Kim Nimsgern, CEO of Casual Panache Inc

Transformational Catalyst


I chose Maria not for one thing she offered, but for everything she offered.  

Maria's non-judgemental guidance allowed me to feel encouraged in getting to my deepest truths and celebrating triumphs.  Her coaching style is truly transformational. I leave our sessions every week with an “AHA” moment of clarification on my journey. These insights and clear strategies have brought me great results and unexpected joy and peace--in my life, in my career, in my relationships and within myself.

Kristin Scheffert, Cerasis Inc

Significant Breakthrough


Maria Shea is a business coach able to 'hear between the lines' in a session. 

When she was my coach I realized one of the most significant breakthroughs of my life. Call it her training as a psychotherapist and life coach, or attribute it to her professional acumen and ongoing success in the tough world of business coaching. Her insights, suggestions and winning strategies for how best to prosecute the ever-changing landscape of American business is, in this client's opinion, peerless. Thank you, Maria! 

Jerry Walker, CEO Life Thread Communications

Transformational Growth Coaching Includes:

  • Reaching your Highest Pinnacles and Deepest Whole-hearted Growth at Every Level 
  • Understanding How Everything Does Not Matter Equally
  • Improving Work-Life Balance (or commit to LACK of balance while pursuing your BIG DREAMS!)
  • Learning to "re-wire" your Brain through Mindset Shifts, and Manifesting Affirmations that Lead to Powerful Outcomes
  • Accelerating Your Career - Significantly Increasing Revenue
  • Identifying Energy Drains 
  • Stopping Undesirable Repetitive Behaviors 
  • Fine-tuning the Art of TIME-BLOCKING
  • Implementing Powerful Tools for Managing Your Stress
  • Utilizing Systems to Track Your Goals and Progress
  • (For parents) - Having a Coach Who has Taught Mindfulness Parenting Classes and Sharing Game-changing Solutions
  • Learning Focus Techniques - how to say NO
  • Developing Meaningful Relationships
  • Becoming a Stronger Leader --Learning Tools that Develop Outstanding Teams and Work Culture - Leaving a Legacy
  • Cultivating a Sense of Peace and Calm in your Life as you Learn to Design your Authentic Happiness

I get it -- There's NEVER ENOUGH TIME......

  • To focus on your goals
  • To manage all the parts of your life --- work, family, fun
  • To take time for yourself
  • To reach your financial goals

The secret about investing in yourself, is that you can literally CREATE MORE TIME in your life!

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